From Whale Island


The sand path that leads her to the beach is edged with green trees, flowers of different colours and dry leaves. Last night, strong winds whipped sand into the air, carrying it up from the sea and scattered dry leaves and grass along the sides of the path. Through the strong wind, flowers from somewhere else found their way to settle down in the path turning it into a hodgepodge of colours. In the morning, the wind calmed and the sun shone fiercely. The wind softly separated tree branches from above so that the sun could find its way to the green leaves of lower trees. The sun lay on the dry leaves and warmed them. A big black bird with a brown tail danced from tree to tree and sang a routine song that awoke the sleeping life. Underneath the leaves, a small but lively world of insects was moving. A colony of ants set traps to bring home unlucky passengers for its next meal, sow bugs plodded relentlessly through the grass and dragonflies flicked their small wings up above to start a new day. On this small island, butterflies are as diverse as the colours of flowers. A kaleidoscope of tiny yellow butterflies followed a lady to the beach and only flew away when realising the flowers on her dress were not real. In February, the sun shines fiercely all day, bringing blue color to the sea surface. In the crystal-clear water, fish of different types and sizes seem to stop moving to enjoy the fresh air.

She has not been out of the city for a long time. Work, future plans and meetings have occupied her mind leaving her no time to live more slowly and to enjoy the small things in life. The quietness, peace and pure beauty of this island reminds her of her childhood when she took refuge in nature from sadness, loneliness, and laziness. Her small garden was her wonderland where she indulged herself in learning about the small bugs, the green trees and everything she could find there. Her biggest childhood dream was to step out of her small town and travel the world. Although she has seen many beautiful places in the world, she finds herself continuously being intrigued by mountains, sea, natural parks and islands. To her, when it comes to beauty, nothing can beat the beauty of nature.

6 Feb 2017

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